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Wematter Deep Space Software Package For SLS 3D-printing
Upload your .step or .stl files directly into our web application and prepare your 3D printer jobs from any computer. Plan your prints, and, with the press of a button, our proprietary algorithms for your job, pack it, place it in the queue. Simultaneously, our Gravity 3D printer warms up to start at your command. We have put productivity and user-friendliness in focus so that more people can discover the benefits of additive manufacturing.

Remote monitoring of your 3D print jobs
Through an integrated camera and a constant reading of sensors in Gravity, you can follow the 3D prints everywhere, on your phone, tablet or computer. You see the number of printed layers, a live video stream, expected end time and how many percent is done.

Wematter Deep Space with Stacker software
One of the advantages of a powder bed 3D printer or SLS is the almost limitless freedom in positioning your print objects in the space. A process that can take a long time to perform is to determine all positions for the objects, in addition in three dimensions. That’s why we have developed Wematter Stacker™, a software that automatically places the objects in the building volume and which saves time and increases productivity.